We Cater To Your Lifestyle

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

This 2 headed crawl daddy team is one of a kind!

Blake Jackson, Co-Founder and Head Chef, is a Shreveport, Louisiana local and knows what his neighbors crave! He has been preparing high quality meals packed with protein for individuals and special events for over 5 years. Mr. Jackson specializes in creating a wide variety of healthy menu options for Prepared Nutrition’s client base and packing the individual meals with endless flavor!

home-img_0000_Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 2.10.01 PMJacob Guerra, Co-Founder and CEO, was raised in a health conscious military family and has been preparing meals for himself, family and friends for over 15 years. Prepared Nutrition is a way to share his passion and knowledge of “How to Eat Healthy” given life’s time constraints. Mr. Guerra is excited to continue to help others eat healthy and give Prepared Nutrition’s clients the ability to focus on their health goals without having to worry about what to cook every day.

In addition to our meal supply company, Prepared Nutrition offers healthy catering options for events of any size. For more information on catering, contact us with details at PreparedNutrition@gmail.com.